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[Backtagging] Always and yes. I'm terrible at not backtagging, actually, so feel free.
[Threadhopping] This is cool too. Thobari's the kind of guy to get interrupted all the time so. Go ahead.
[Plotting] Hit me up on aim! Or just leave a random comment on any of my *ooc posts.
[Offensive subjects] Lol, Thobari might be against certain things, but I'm certainly not.


[What's okay to mention around him/her]
Thobari is hiding a deep, dark secret, he'll NEVER reveal it, so if you ask him about his parents, about why he knows Miharu, etc etc, he'l just be really evasive. Also he doesn't drink because of this.
[Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, special abilities, etc]
He's actually quite good at dueling. Otherwise, just the stuff mentioned above. That stuff has kind of kept him from maturing, so that's why he's such a derp.
[Can I hack that strike or otherwise find out information they'd prefer to keep hidden?]
Unless specified otherwise, yes.
[Can I troll/mindscrew/mess with in general?]
Teasing and Thobari go hand in hand. Once things get serious, he does too, so unless you want the wrath of Tobi, don't try him.
[Can I spit at/jinx/step on/etc? (i.e. fighting)]
Not a great idea, since he's a teacher, but... Again, wrath of Tobi if you decide to.
[Can I flirt with/hug/kiss/use other means of non-violent physical contact with this character?]
Lmao, he'll freak out. But he really does want someone to love, he just thinks that stuff isn't meant to be public.

[Anything else?] Ask me if you have any other questions~!
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