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Thobari Durandal Kumohira was born in Japan to a Japanese accountant and Irish Medi-witch. Following their deaths, he was taken in by his Grandfather and Grandmother, moved to Ireland and then Scotland, where he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An awkward Gryffindor, though proud and a bit of a loner, Thobari graduated with decent grades. Somewhere along the line he went from sullen teenager, to angsty adolescent, until finally, he became the sap he is today.

Following a few mishaps and cruel, if not ironic transfers in the Ministry, he applied to the position of Defense Against The Dark Arts, and got the job! He's great with children and loves to teach, so it's the perfect opportunity, right? If only his childhood nightmares weren't being brought back to light thanks to this...


Thobari is probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Barring a few shortcomings, he is way too sensitive and way too caring to ever be a bad guy. He worries about everyone and, yeah, some people think that's annoying but... it's for your own good! Too bad that argument only works on students...

Despite common belief, he never made it to Auror; his early grades weren't strong enough. Thus, in order to bring an end to the Dark Arts, teaching a class against them is the best he can do.

You'll never catch him on a broom, that's for sure;

The only thing he'll say about his past is that he graduated Hogwarts a year after his grandfather died. Following that, he inherited the Durandal fortune as well as their land, but he hasn't really done much with it because his true passion lies in helping others (his students) make the world a better place.

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