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2030-02-05 01:06 am
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This post will be solely for posting homework assignments and receiving homework input.
(For consistency's sake, I'm going with the same style you guys should all be used to by now; that is, I'm copying Yukimi's style.)

Requirements posted: here

Due September 15th

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2011-08-15 10:12 pm


[Filtered to Teachers]

These murders are hitting too close to home. I've been picking up the Muggle Newspaper to stay updated and... I don't like how this is going. Can we really ignore this for so long?

Private to self )
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2011-06-30 06:48 pm

thirty-four; heroes? what's that?

[Filtered to teachers:]

Kind of an odd question, but does anyone know if we're going to have another retreat this year? I'm afraid I came in kind of late or I missed the news or something like that. I know it's a ways off, but... [ He's so boredddddd. ]


I think my cat got into my journal. It feels... different somehow. Lighter, perhaps? I don't think Raphael would be able to rip pages or anything like that, but short of that... I'll see if I can't figure it out. Has anyone else had this happen?

[Filtered to Dean:]

Can I ask you something?
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2011-06-25 02:21 pm

thirty-three; Thobari needs a hobby

It's a bit strange to be back home after so much time on the road. I want to go out and walk for a bit, but short of visiting anyone, I've already been everywhere in my estate. It looks like it'll be a boring calm summer this year... Maybe I could do some redecorating? Does anyone have any ideas?

[ Strikes hackable to friends. ]
Living in this house by myself is starting to become a bit depressing. Maybe I should consider moving somewhere temporarily, and leaving this place in charge of the groundskeeper? I know Grandfather wanted me to inherit this place, but without any guests it's far too empty for me.
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2011-06-11 04:51 pm

thirty-two; back from parts unknown

Well, I see everyone's busy with exams and everything, so I'll make this quick.

Hello, students! I apologize for my unannounced absence, but I'm back! For those of you who don't remember me, I'm Professor Thobari Durandal Kumohira, and I'll be helping Yukimi grade tests in the meantime, it seems.

I hope you've all had a great semester while I was away, and I wish you the best of luck on your tests! You're in the final stretch now, so give it your all.

[ Not gonna talk about shirts. At all. Because 'Likes older women,' 'killed Asahi Rokujou,' 'KEEPS SECRETS,' and 'TOBI' are embarrassing and totally not relevant to anything. ]
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2010-12-29 08:51 pm

thirty-one; new year is almost here

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and for those of you who don't celebrate it, that you're at least enjoying the holiday break! As for me, I've... been busy. Taking care of Yukimi, for the most part, but it's been memorable, to say the least.

The new year is fast approaching... I trust you're all working on your New Year's Resolutions? Last year, I resolved to walk a couple miles every week, but I'd never imagined that one month later, I'd end up returning to Hogwarts as a professor. It didn't pan out, needless to say.

But, anyway, have you all enjoyed this year? Looking back on it, I... I suppose it went pretty well. Ups and downs on all front, but we certainly were't at a loss for unique stories, were we?
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2010-11-06 12:37 am

thirty; gay is a good excuse for three posts in a week

It's....... good to know that I was happy? And that someday I'll tell Miharu about what happened...

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2010-11-04 01:52 am

twenty-nine; alternate future!Tobi is dating Yukimi, fyi

Everyone, I hope we're all staying calm after this strange turn of events. It seems the Castle transported us to different point in time. I checked my calendar, and it claims this is 2010, to be exact. It's hard to believe, I know. And although some of you are not here with the best intentions, I think it's safe to say that whatever magic occurred will revert itself soon enough, just as it always does. So try not to panic. Trust me, I've been working here for a while now.

What this means is, it's safe to assume that our children are safe at home, as it's likely that only people in Hogwarts ten years ago were affected. So I won't get mad at you, Yukimi, because it's not your fault you left Dawn at home.

Since that's the case, let's try and think back to what we were like ten years ago! It seems like such a long time ago, doesn't it? Times were a lot simpler then... I was single, for one thing...
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2010-09-18 04:56 pm

twenty-seven; planning plans

Hello, everyone. First of all, your papers have been graded, and I'm very happy with the results we've had this week! Everyone is working hard, despite a few setbacks, and that's a good attitude to keep! Also, to my Gryffindors, I've reserved the Qudditch Pitch for practice. [[OOC: I've been really busy so I don't know what dates would be ic. ooc-comment me on what day makes sense?]]

Unfortunately, for those of you (minus the seventh years) who may have wanted your papers back, I have some bad news... Anna, my owl, seems to have gotten to them while I was out of my office. It seems she's making a nest? It's a bit odd, but I promise I'll be mindful of her next time so that this doesn't happen.

Filtered to Castiel. Hackable to Gabriel and Bob (And maybe Kallen since Thobari doesn't lock anything from her);
Castiel, I've asked Professor Dumbledore and he's given us permission to use the grounds for your.. ceremony, if you remember. I believe we could have it this week, if possible? Summer break gave me enough time to prepare everything, so you don't have to worry. Is there any date you're partial to? I already have a bit of a guest list in mind, but if there's anyone you'd like to add, well...
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2010-09-05 05:38 pm

twenty-six; first assignment.

I'm glad to see everyone is getting settled in and back into their day-to-day schedules. For our new students, welcome! I'm Professor Thobari Durandal Kumohira, or just Professor Kumohira if you'd like.

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, I'll be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor! To our fifth and seventh years, this is a very important year for you all, so I hope you'll all be preparing especially for your tests. I hope to instruct you to the best of my ability and hope we can have a great year together!

Assignments )
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2010-08-26 10:21 pm

twenty-five; GUESS WHO'S NOT (comparatively) DEPRESSED AT ALL ANYMORE

It seems I left my journal in my suitcase all this time. That's quite a shame; I actually think trying to make Lemon Drops was a lot of fun. I'll have to try again when I get back to school and find some time. Though with my new duties, this may be easier said than done?

In any case, The conference has been instructive and things have been... good. I'm certainly looking forward to the new year.

[ SOMEONE seems happy. Unfortunately, no, he didn't "get lucky," but he did make out up with Kallen. Annnnd, since they're sharing the same room; there be cuddles. Lots of cuddles. Because that's just how they roll. ]
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2010-08-21 03:06 pm

twenty-four; Gryffindor's New Head of House is friends with ghosts (what a loser)

It seems like Anna delivered something to me on time for once! I wish she'd get in the habit of it, really... The letter in question was from Dumbledore. I'm quite honored; it seems I've been appointed Head of House! So as a note to all you Gryffindors out there, don't think that because I'm so lenient in class, I won't be strict as your house's Head. But in any case, let's beat Slytherin into the dust, alright?

[Filtered to whoever read Gabriel's last entry, this includes Gabriel too.]
I realize I may have worried some of you because of an altercation I had with Gabriel and Castiel. I think we've managed to work out most of the problems that went into that misunderstanding, but I'd like you all to know that I'm perfectly fine. And not, in any way, Gabriel's "bitch," though he would claim otherwise. [[oddly enough, those strikes are only hackable to Gabriel. And Castiel if he tries reallllly hard.]]

It seems I'll be apparating to Monaco after all! Maron, I truly owe you. I'm looking forward to the teacher's conference and then it'll be just a few more days until classes start! This year is going to be exciting, isn't it?
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2010-08-13 10:44 pm

twenty-three; teacher's conference? busybusybusy (tl;dr much?)

Well, thankfully that crazy journal business is over. I hear some people were getting attacked? That's unfortunate. My journal seemed to be taking pity on me very affectionate, to be honest. I suppose it doesn't blame me for losing it those times earlier in the year.

In any case, it's worth mentioning that I've taken in a second cat, at least partially. I think? Castiel entrusted Lilith to me, and although she's blind, you'd never guess that by how she acts. She and Raphael fight almost constantly, but they're from the same litter, so it's playful I hope. I've had to separate her and Raphael several times now; he's much larger than her, since she's been alone all this time... I sincerely hope the two get along eventually. Well, Lilith seems to particularly enjoy being around Castiel, so maybe if she only sleeps and eats in my room, it will be alright.

...It's a little funny; at the beginning of the school year, I never would have guessed I'd be dealing with two kittens and a still headstrong owl. Cats are... well, they're certainly a handful. [unhackable (50% to Maron)] At least it gives me something to think about outside of Yukimi and... less pleasant things. [/unhackable]

Speaking of owls, Anna finally decided to give me the invitation to the Teacher's Conference. It's in Monaco!? H-how are we even going to get there...? Please don't say "portkey," please.

Private. Unless you're Castiel, Maron or Kallen. In which case, you can probably hack like three words of this. Oh and Gabe can hack it too, BUT Thobari didn't exactly plan that. )

[Filtered to Castiel]
I actually have something I wanted to ask you as well, if you don't mind...
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2010-08-01 06:56 pm


Defense Against the Dark Arts

Professor: Thobari Durandal Kumohira
Years: First through Seventh
Houses: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Note: Class is required for all students, years 1-5. For years 6-7, the class is only available if they received an E or higher on their OWLs. Required for students enrolled in Pre-Auror Studies, as well.
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2010-07-31 03:45 pm

twenty-two; Still waiting for Kallen, mind you...

[ A whole page of scrawled notes on funerals. LOTS OF IT IS SCRATCHED OUT, mostly the parts that remind him too much of his grandmother's. And his grandfather's. Which is almost everything. Oh, and he doesn't realize he posted that, so feel free to ask him what all the chicken-scratch is about. ]

I think... Raphael actually likes me? I was doing some research on cats among other things and found that some "use biting as a cleaning method." So maybe Raphael doesn't hate me after all. That's sweet. Sort of. I suppose now I have to warm up the idea that he's going to keep biting me for as long as he sees me as his owner.

Maybe I'll start wearing gloves.

[Private to Castiel (but I guess Gabe can hack it, since, you know.)]
I'm alright with planning the ceremony into the school year, but... Should I set up a list of people you'd like to attend?

[100% Unhackable, sorry Gabe.]
And, uhm, if it's alright for me to ask, what was it that made you decide you wanted to go through with this? If you're having second thoughts, it's alright to simply call it off...
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2010-07-23 10:46 pm

twenty-one; looonely~ I was so lonely~ I had nobody~ for my own~

It's been a quiet week at the Castle, hasn't it? Has anyone seen Kallen around? I haven't heard from her...

I'm... still around, I suppose. Staying positive and working with Raphael on surpassing his biting phase. He listens to me now, which is an improvement, but... [ pauuuse for sighs. ] I don't think he and Anna will ever get along.

At least the Castle hasn't pulled anything strange recently. Though I hear we have a new poltergeist, so maybe I've just been lucky.

Lucky, huh...? Yeah.....

How're things for everyone else?

[[strikes hackable, my broskis.]]
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2010-07-16 11:57 pm

twenty; [voice, filtered to staff & ADULTS.] talking about my feelings is what I do best.

Well... It's been a hard couple days, but I've been managing. Keeping myself busy... between Raphael and my DADA preparations, I'm fully aware that I'm trying to distract myself from the problem here. [ Here there's a nervous laugh. ] I can't very well hide, can I? That's not who I am anymore so...

Kallen? Could I speak to you? In person, preferably. I'm in my office, but I can go to you if that would be more comfortable.

[ pause. pause. still recording here, Tobi. ]

Oh! And... Professor Bainbridge, I got the supplies you ordered. Would you like me to take them down later?