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[Filtered to teachers:]

Kind of an odd question, but does anyone know if we're going to have another retreat this year? I'm afraid I came in kind of late or I missed the news or something like that. I know it's a ways off, but... [ He's so boredddddd. ]


I think my cat got into my journal. It feels... different somehow. Lighter, perhaps? I don't think Raphael would be able to rip pages or anything like that, but short of that... I'll see if I can't figure it out. Has anyone else had this happen?

[Filtered to Dean:]

Can I ask you something?
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It's a bit strange to be back home after so much time on the road. I want to go out and walk for a bit, but short of visiting anyone, I've already been everywhere in my estate. It looks like it'll be a boring calm summer this year... Maybe I could do some redecorating? Does anyone have any ideas?

[ Strikes hackable to friends. ]
Living in this house by myself is starting to become a bit depressing. Maybe I should consider moving somewhere temporarily, and leaving this place in charge of the groundskeeper? I know Grandfather wanted me to inherit this place, but without any guests it's far too empty for me.

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