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I'm glad to see everyone is getting settled in and back into their day-to-day schedules. For our new students, welcome! I'm Professor Thobari Durandal Kumohira, or just Professor Kumohira if you'd like.

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, I'll be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor! To our fifth and seventh years, this is a very important year for you all, so I hope you'll all be preparing especially for your tests. I hope to instruct you to the best of my ability and hope we can have a great year together!

Assignments )
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Another tragedy and I... I did what I could but... when they started casting killing curses, I... froze up. In all these years, I haven't changed at all, have I? How is it that I am still so naïve?

I'll be in the hospital until further notice. It's going to take a group effort to keep Yukimi in his room. If he tears open his wound again, it's only going to make things worse. [strikes hackable to friends] Although I haven't been here long enough to know the victims of the attack personally, my heart goes out to their family and friends. Although losing a loved one can sometimes seem unbearable, it's important to keep moving forward and living for their sake.

To my students, I'm afraid I won't have time to correct your assignments quite yet, so if you haven't handed them in, feel free to do so. You have until the end of the month. I'll likely be heading back to Hogwarts once this is over to do what I can for those students who are unable to return home, so sending it by owl is fine.

[Hackable to staff, though by mistake]
What happened was unforgivable. I know the casualties were minimal all things considered, but...! There's no reason why anyone should have had to die in the first place! I should have done more.... I failed again.
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Well, it certainly took me a while to find my journal, didn't it? I wish I knew how it got in the lake in the first place, but...

In any case, I'd like to remind my students that my lovely Teaching Assistant has dutifully posted the requirements for your next assignment. Remember to hand it in on the 15th, which is the day before the next field trip, so it should be easy to remember!

Speaking of field trips, I'll be joining you all as chaperon, since I know my way around the Ministry. We hardly got any field trips back in my days at Hogwarts, so be sure to make the best of it!

Why do we have to go by train, though? I-I wanted to meet you all there, but Dumbledore said that the train ride was "part of the fun." I'd rather that than the Knight Bus, that's for sure, but... None of you will mind if I pass out, right?

[Filtered to Staff]
It's my first time chaperoning a big event like this, should I be worried?
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((This post is slightly ooc. Behind the cut, students will see their grades, and their grades only. If they have a note next to them, they will see that too.))

Alright, everyone! I have your grades here. I'll be sharing them with you each week so you can track your progress. If you have any problems with the grade you received, or think that I could be mistaken about something, please bring it up with me or Maron after class so we can schedule something.

Gryffindors )

Hufflepuffs )

Remember everyone, what matters in this class is that you do your best and remain engaged in the material. You won't all be Aurors someday, but that shouldn't make our class any less important!

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on when the next assignment is due.

[Private\\Easily Hackable to Staff]
I'm... not going to address the strings that showed up for Valentine's Day. I have a feeling I know who they were connected to.
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To my students:
Before you all go to Hogsmeade this weekend, I'd like to remind everyone that homework is due tomorrow. Yes, I am aware that it is due on Valentine's Day, but you've had lots of time, I'm sure you're all done with them by now, right?

Speaking of Hogsmeade, I haven't been there in almost ten years. Has anything changed since then? I'd warn you all to be safe considering the attacks the other day, but... Regardless, it's Valentine's Day, you should all try to enjoy yourselves!

((Got my sign up here. Sorry for the delay~ In any case, Thobari still doesn't know who all his students are, so if you don't do it, he might just blame himself and have you do extra work without much penalty.))

[Private//50% Hackable]
...It seems I don't have anyone to give Valentine's to this year. Hrm... maybe next year...?
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So after discussing the schedule with Professor Yukimi, I think I've got a handle on what you all are giving in class. I'll be picking up where he left off, of course, but adding a few of my own personal touches here and there.

In any case, here are your assignments for the week. They are due at most, on Sunday. (Though I'm sure you all want to enjoy Valentine's Day, so feel free to hand them in early.)

First Years - Second Years: Dark Creatures; Please write an essay on the following subject: Hinkypunks. Include the traits that make them identifiable, where they can be found, and ways that you can defend yourself from them. For extra credit, you may include an additional 10-15cms on the history behind their discovery/the discovery of their countermeasures. Minimum 20 cm. (with extra credit, 30cm)

Third Years - Fourth Years: Dark Creatures; Please write an essay on the following subject: Grindylow. Include the traits that make them identifiable, where they can be found, and ways that you can defend yourself from them. For extra credit, you may include an additional 10-20cms on the history behind their discovery/the discovery of their countermeasures. Minimum 35 cm. (with extra credit, 50cm)

Fifth Years: Please write an essay on Necromancy. I'll be paying close attention to your word choice in describing its history. It's important to portray that you understand the material, so please try to write it in your own words. Also, for extra credit, you may include an additional 20-40cms on any notable past usages or modern takes on this form of magic. Minimum 50 cm. (with extra credit, 70cm)

Sixth - Seventh Years: Protego Totalum Practical. You will be expected to create the largest barrier you can with your abilities. The larger it is, the higher your grade. I will be working alongside Professor Yukimi in this evaluation (so if you don't get it on your first try, I'm afraid I can't help you.)

[[(copy-pasted for your convenience:)
For sixth - Seventh, the floor will be set up with something along these lines. Except.. more round and less crappy. A glass will be set up on the outer rim of each circle. Each student will be asking to cast Protego Totalum with an attempt to make the largest protective bubble they can. Depending on which glasses were spared, will determine their grade.

Say how they did, but I don't want a ton of "they made the biggest bubble ever." This will be a fast paced assignment and if your character doesn't do well under pressure or isn't a fast thinker, they probably didn't do so well.

Homework input is here.]]

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